Singer and Entertainer


Malachite but his life began in New York. As a child he travelled all across the united states because of his Dad’s occupation. Mother died when he was 6 and his father began to start drinking. His father died in a car accident from a head on collision with a semi-truck. Malachite grew up with his grandparents in New York, where he got lucky. At the age of 10 he got cast as an extra on a Disney TV show, and the producer liked him so much that he starred in a commercial. When he was 12 he the first finalist of American Idol season 7 to be eliminated. At the age of 15 he joined an all male pop band called the Gems, where he took on the name Malachite.

They were sensationally popular, but only lasted for five years. Malachite then tried to start up a solo career, but no record label would take him. Opal’s singing abilities weren’t good enough so he became the drummer for a band called The Onamonapia’s. Sapphire settled down and started up a family in Utah where he runs his own drugstore. Topaz, got into acting and is now starring in a TV show called, " Oh no, my balls". Alexandrite got hooked on drugs and is now in rehab for the second time. Moonstone however successfully started a solo career, with his voice and good looks, the competition was incredible.

So coasting on his popularity as he tries to jump start his music career after it crashed and burned, he sings covers of classic songs on Cruise ships and in Casinos.

Through all of his ups and downs he has been good friends with his friend Toby Bradshaw. Toby and Malachite grew up together in New York, but when Malachite dropped out of Highshcool so he could tour with the band, Toby finished college and became a youth pastor.

Malachite has no combat experience at all, but he is lucky. His favorite food is pizza, favorite TV show is the voice followed by American Idol. Favorite Video Game is Rock Band, and his favorite book is The Composer is Dead.


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