The Amazing Drake

Magic is My Business


“The Amazing” Drake Arkham was born and bred in Las Vegas for the stage. His Dad was a lounge pianist, his mom served cocktails. But he had talent. He became the top draw on stage, did several New York tours and even three wildly popular televised specials. He developed a very loyal following for his spectacular illusions, even though the real aficionados knew that his talents were in prestidigitation. He could pick pockets, steal a watch, even remove ladies underwear without them knowing. And his card tricks were at the level of miraculous.

He also became famous debunking charlatans who did spoon-bending tricks and claimed mystic powers. Drake doesn’t believe in the supernatural, so he does everything he can to prove that there are no ghosts, no devil-worshiping cults, no psychics.

Then came “The Masked Magician.” He ruined everything. He began doing televised specials wearing a Lucha Libre mask, revealing the secrets to all of his greatest, and most expensive illusions. And to make matters worse, his “old friends,” David Blame and David Potterfield started spreading the rumor that he WAS the Masked Magician. No one was coming to his stage show on The Strip at The Palomino casino. His magician friends gave him the cold shoulder. He had to sell his big illusions just to make ends meet. His friend and engineer Kaylee “Scotty” Scott, tried to help by building his stage illusions for free, but the Masked Magician always seemed to be able to pry out the secret. He can count on Kaylee for a place to stay and dinner with the family, but not much more.

Now he does the cruise ship shows. He’s still good-looking enough to entertain the cougars, and talented enough to entertain the drunks. He throws pointed objects at Bambies, Kikis and other be-sequinned tarts on a spinning target. He does the occasional hypnotist shtick. He escapes from handcuffs. And he walks around the ship doing card tricks and sleight of hand gags. He tries to maintain his old showbiz aura of mystery, but if you look deep in his eyes, you can see a haunted expression.

“The Amazing” Drake loves sushi, Skyrim, and the old seventies tv show “The Magician,” with Bill Bixbie. His favorite book is about his hero, Harry Houdini:The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America’s First Superhero

Drake wants desperately to get his career back and to be a stage magician again on The Strip. He won’t do anything to get it back. He won’t betray his friends. But he doesn’t believe in magic, either.


The Amazing Drake

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