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Your characters are passengers/guests on the maiden voyage of the cruise ship, Oasis of the Seas. Created by market investment guru, Stephen Forthington, it is the most state-of-the-art pleasure ship with one goal – to provide happiness and entertainment to guests and passengers like that found on no other ship.

Characters should either be passengers or guests. Guests might include celebrities or other special guest who may or may not also be scheduled to perform on the ship for one night’s performance or participate in a ceremony or task but will otherwise act in a passenger status. It is expected that the characters would be traveling with one or more companions or family members, but is not absolutely necessary.

So who are you?

Where do you come from?
What family do you have?
What friends? Enemies?
What’s your favorite food, television show, video game, or book?
What dreams or goals do you have?
Are you violent? Violent only if angered? A pacifist?

New benny rule:

Heroic Determination – During survival, a character can suddenly find himself capable of great feats as the adrenaline pumps through his body. The character may spend a benny and gain the benefit of any Combat Edge for the duration of the round. The character need not meet the requirements for the Combat Edge, except for other Edges (for example, Improve Nerves of Steel requires Nerves of Steel). This represents the character pushing his natural ability beyond its threshold. The drawback is that while spending a benny for a much needed combat Edge for 1 round might sound like a real asset, it leaves you with fewer bennies to spend on soaking wounds to avoid becoming infected. — Legendary Edges cannot be gained through Heroic Determination.

New Hinderances (rules to be provided on game night):

Guilt (minor)- the character suffers a deep guilt over some past action or inaction
Haunted Memories (minor/major) – the character is susceptible to reliving a past tragedy
Psychologically Unstable (minor/major) – the character is just not all there
Responsibility to Others (minor/major) – responsible for family members or friends

New Edges (rules to be provided on game night):

Scavenger – the character is adept at finding food/supplies/shelter and avoiding zombies in urban settings

Main Page

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